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Tracking Your Ride

It’s Not Just Tracking Your Ride—It’s Understanding the Data!



What are your abilities now?  What are your goals?  Whether you’re new to cycling or an advanced athlete--working at the appropriate intensity level is key to improving your health and performance.  Your fastest workout is not necessarily, your optimal workout!


At Wired Cycling, our belief is that your exercise efforts should be focused on training strategies that facilitate positive changes. Each of our bikes features instant feedback about your performance and actual output. You can easily monitor the pace of your pedals (RPMs), power output* (rate of energy used over time; measured in watts), heart rate**, distance, calories***and speed (miles per hour,).  Based on your ability, we can help you work out at a pace that is safe and effective.  No more guessing!  


*Your power output provides a quantitative link to your fitness level and varies under certain conditions.


** There is parallel relationship between input (heart rate) and output (power or speed) it is  referred to as "coupling."


***KiloJoules (kJ)
One kJ becomes roughly equal to a kilocalorie: 4.18kJs = 1 calorie. Exercise intensity determines the ratio of fat to carbs burned during exercise.


Let us help you understand how to use the data effectively. We can help you manage some of your greatest challenges!

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